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Mentoring of Scholarship Recipients:

Board members provide ongoing support for scholarship recipients. These volunteers have graduated from college and are engaged in professional careers or graduate school, and are in a unique position to serve as role models and truly understand the unique challenges faced by Somali students. Because they have successfully navigated college and entered careers, they can convey the message, “I was able to do this, and you can do it too” – a powerful message for students currently struggling with navigating the complexity of college. These volunteers also help find professionals whom students can shadow to learn more about careers they may be considering.

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Mentors are caring adults who provide emotional support, encouragement, and friendship to a young person.

Mentoring is about consistently showing up and building a friendship through shared activities and is a shared opportunity for learning and growth.  Mentors say that they gain many rewards from the experience and the mentor/mentee relationship allows them to have fun, achieve personal growth, have a better attitude at work, and feel that they are making a difference.

Mentor New York is connected to over 600 mentoring programs throughout the New York State. We are more than happy to refer you to one or more of our various mentoring programs.

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